Monday, October 15, 2012

Long time, no post

Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote.

Chase started a new school.  She had some growing (shrinking) pains at first but seems to have settled in nicely.  She tells me she has a lot of friends, but for some reason I always hear about the kids that aren't nice.  She is swimming once-a-week there, and taking Mandarin.  She takes a taxi to and from school with two other girls, it still makes me very uncomfortable, but the other option is to be in the car for 3 hours every day.

Madoc is at her same little school, which is lovely and fun and supportive.  We have decided to hold her back a year, because she was born in December, which makes her the absolute youngest in the class.  And as she is also the youngest at home, if we don't hold her back she will never have a chance to lead, whereas if we do, she will be the oldest, know the most and have a chance to help, guide and lead younger children.  She will also get more out the curriculum.

Hubs is still happy at work.  We have our fingers crossed for another relocation in the next 6-months.  The air pollution here is absolutely the worst part of living here and downright depressing after almost 3 years.

Funny little conversation between Madoc and Chase yesterday.

Chase - "Don't tell Madoc which garden I'm going to tomorrow.  Madoc, you guess."
Madoc - "um, Kadoori Farms?"
Chase - "no"
Madoc - "um, school Garden?"
Chase - "no"
Madoc - "um, kindergarten?"

Funny girls!