Friday, April 06, 2007

Hippety-Hoppety Easter Is On Its Way

Easter is around the corner and I am sad to report that there is a distinct lack of Easter spirit here.

After searching high and low for Peeps, I settled on dried squid for Hubs' Easter basket.

Just kidding.

On the friend-making side of things, I'm pleased to report we've been invited to an Easter Brunch by a couple German friends, which is actually a huge deal, because they tend to hang out with other Germans and rarely ask others to join. Maybe they think we're okay because we lived in the German part of Switzerland?

We've also been invited to a Church group gathering. It consists of a group of 40 people that meet every Sunday at different people's homes - the details around the religion part are a little fuzzy, because it appears to be all inclusive. I've got my fingers crossed there is a nice woman there with a child Chase's age, who speaks English and has nothing better to do with her days then come over and hang out.