Monday, April 13, 2009


Happy to report that during Tummy Time yesterday, Madoc reached out and grabbed the item I placed before her!

Her reflux is really getting so much better. But I get punished if I stray from my diet. Yesterday I had a handful of jelly beans ('cmon, it's Easter) and she was up all night.

The good news? I can eat Sesame seeds (and oil) as well as seaweed (which I love). YUMMERS. I can also eat bananas (I think). Madoc is super-healthy and is squarely in to 9-12 month clothing (at almost 4 months). It is amazing to see her in outfits that Chase was wearing at 1 year. WOW. And she is so smiley. So sunshiney. She rarely cries - very similar to Chase.

Chase, on the other hand, has had a rough couple days. Maybe it is because she is sleeping poorly, but she has been a real mess all day long. Tears over everything. Poor darling!