Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer's Half Birthday

On Sunday we celebrated Summer's half birthday.
Summer, Reid and Chase are buddies - spending every Wednesday afternoon together.

At Summer's birthday, Chase found she loved bouncing...

And cupcakes... (this was the first time she had ever been interested - now we're in trouble)

And Reid was, as usual, surrounded by girls...

And here's Summer - the birthday girl!

Chase's New Favorite Game

Is called, "build zoo." My mom bought her a pack of zoo animals and we've been using the blocks my dad made for me when I was a child to build a zoo for them.

One of her dolls acts as "zoo keeper" and stays busy feeding and cleaning up after the animals. The little Einsteins spend their time touring the zoo, looking at all the animals.

Chase has been able to keep herself busy playing zoo for a half hour at a time. Amazing.