Monday, April 15, 2013

So What's New?

I'm not sure why I find updating this is so difficult these days.  I know I am going to regret that three years have gone by and I have made so few entries.  So here comes another vow that I will write more, so that my girls can take their memories with them.

Big news! Mads slept without a guardrail for two nights, has put herself to bed for 2 weeks and is now using grown-up toothpaste.  Four is a wonderful age, full of excitement and discovery.  I am loving what a big girl she has become!

Chase is a super speller and exceptional reader!  Not to mention extremely good at math and anything she puts her mind to.  I am so proud of her for all of the effort and energy she puts into everything she does.  I love when she doesn't get something right, but tries again until she finally does.  It's hard to learn and teach perseverance.  Her school report came back without any problems - her teacher said he really wants to see her lead the other students, and do something other than academic (I told him she plays tennis and dances).  I just wish I had a little more time with her, and I need to make that happen soon.

I sure do love these girls and I am so very proud of them.