Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Today Chase and I attended the Colorado Democratic Caucus.
It was packed. We were like Democratic sardines. Shoulder to shoulder.
My precinct had 160 people in it (and there were at least 5 precincts there).

Chase loved it.
When it came time to vote, she raised both her hands for Obama.
Not that she really had any idea what she was doing.
I think she was just caught up in the moment.

Hubs attended the Republican Caucus.
He had 10 people in his precinct.

At my Caucus, it was madness. Totally unorganized. Mayhem.
But it was totally fun - and totally American.
The election of the delegates was painful.
Our lead had no idea how to handle it.
After they were elected, we headed for the door.
Beat the rush, you know.
But Chase didn't want to go.
She LOVED it there.
Although she was exhausted out of her mind.

Overall, election night has been pretty interesting.

First - terrible news: seven people were killed in the South - due to Tornadoes.

Second - Chicago's first 20 voters were given styluses and their vote didn't register (so they are voting again).

Third - California is reporting they are running out of ballots due to high voter turn out.

Should be interesting to see the results tomorrow...