Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our Brilliant Daughter

Found her toes today.

The Price Is Right ... Wrong!

In an effort to provide those who are curious an idea of how expensive it is to live here, I have decided to keep a list of the most outrageous prices I come across. I will update it as I find new and exciting *expensive* things.

>>Elle Magazine *American/English* -- 15 CHF

>>Hamburger *At the Hyatt, because it is one of only a few buildings with AC* -- 38 CHF

>>Avacado -- 4 CHF

>>Endcleaning *Because you couldn't possibly clean as well yourself* -- 850 to 1,000 CHF

>>Baby toy *Bag with different pieces of cloth, a memory game* -- 50 CHF

>> A 3-bed house in Zurich -- if you are lucky, it will cost just under 2 million CHF

>>Green chicken curry -- 25 CHF