Sunday, November 12, 2006

President Bush To Visit Singapore This Week

I received this news from my cab driver, along with the fact he will be staying at the Shangri-La. Should people really know this? I mean, isn't this a matter of national security? Maybe Bush is really staying at Raffles Hotel (that's where I would stay).

The cab driver continued, "do you like your President?"

Singapore: Out And About

When I awoke this morning, it wasn't raining. Recognizing we had to act fast, we quickly had some breakfast (fresh papaya) ... Chase wasn't a fan.

So I froze the rest ...

We got dressed ...

Took a look at the map ...

I grabbed my umbrella, camera and diaper bag - and we were off!

Our first stop was Raffles Hotel (it was so fabulous), which opened in 1887 and was named after Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of modern Singapore. The Singapore Sling was invented at the Raffles Hotel Long Bar. Elizabeth Taylor, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson and the Queen have stayed there (all enjoying Singapore Slings I'm sure).

Just outside Raffles Hotel, we saw the Civilian War Memorial, a 67-metre high landmark, built in remembrance of some 40,000 to 50,000 lives lost during the Japanese Occupation. Built in 1964, the locals call it the 'Chopsticks Memorial.' The four tapered columns symbolize the four main races - Malay, Chinese, Tamil and 'Others' (including Eurasian and European).

We also walked by the Singapore Art Museum, but we didn't go in because we thought Brian would want to come, too.

We also passed the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Singapore.

Saw a strange statue (how I love those Orchids) ...

A building with colorful shutters caught our attention ...

And I came across one of the most gorgeous, graceful flowers I've ever seen...

As we were in a full sweat (even after stopping in two hotel lobbies and two gift shops for a little AC), we decided to call it a day.

On the way back to our apartment, I stopped at the grocery store and bought Brian some lovely, traditional desserts to welcome him back.

Another City To Explore

Okay, so it has been a week and I must admit that Chase and I really haven't made an effort to explore Singapore. The problem is that it is either stinking, melt-your-skin off hot or pouring, monsoon-style rain.

So, starting tomorrow (Monday), Chase and I are heading out to explore the city (but seriously, if it is pouring rain, I'm not going outside, there is just no point).