Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Chase's latest word is new - pronounced "nnn-ooooooo."

Auntie Lockett brought Chase a lovely new baby, and she loves it.
Chase calls her "nnn-oooooo."

Mee Mee

So I bought four little plastic pumpkins for Chase. I thought they'd be fun to put things in. What did she put in them? "Mee Mee" - her word for money.

Chase loves coins. Big coins, little coins. Coins from England, Switzerland, Thailand, China. She loves them all. I used to think it was funny that when we came back to the US (while we lived abroad), Chase would smell American bills. Now I think her love of money is a little more serious.

Hmmm... Maybe she'll be a banker. Or investor. Or maybe she'll find a way to spend other people's money.

At any rate, she loves counting money. Or at least transferring it from one pumpkin to another. I tried to put something else in her pumpkin and she screamed.

I'm thinking Halloween will be a real shocker. I can just imagine her surprise when people offer her candy instead of money.

19 Months

Dear Chase,

This week you turn 19-months-old. I'm writing this now, because I never know when I will have a free moment.

I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. I can still remember the look of awe on your face when you came into the world. Your lips forming a perfect little "o," as if in wonder of what had just happened. I remember bringing you home from the hospital, packing up the car and moving to Switzerland.

I remember what an amazing sport you were as we sped across England and France, en route to Zurich. I remember taking you down to the Zurichsee. Putting your tiny toes in the water. Watching you sleep. You first showed you had a sense of humor in Switzerland. It was Switzerland where you had your first solid food and where you got your first tooth - and perhaps where you developed your love of cheese. I remember flying with you back to Portland to visit your great grandmother, Mary The Great, and how much joy you brought her. She loved you so much. I wish so much she could be here to play with you now, to watch you grow. I wish so much you could have actually known her - she was an amazing woman.

And I remember moving you to China, by way of Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. I remember what seemed to be an endless chain of hotel rooms. I remember being so worried about traveling alone with you - but in the end we made so many international flights together, alone, that I've lost count. You are an amazing traveler, my dearest little.

It was in China that you started talking. Where your palate expanded to include broccoli with oyster sauce, fish, noodles (of all kinds), and various other things. You learned to walk in China.

You are such a joy and delight to all who meet you. Everyone loves your laugh. When you laugh, the other children near you start laughing too.

I like your style Chase. You have a sense of humor and take a light, sensible approach to whatever comes you way. Always ready for the next adventure, your favorite thing to say is "Go, Dog. Go!"

We love you so much.


On my way out of our little corner store - I had to make a run for vanilla - I overheard a man, saying VERY loudly into his cell phone, "Between you, me, and my lawyer, I was the only grown-up in the courtroom."