Thursday, September 11, 2008

Potty Training

So we have been doing potty training, on and off, since the middle of Summer. And then I realized Chase was choosing to use her diaper over the potty - she actually TOLD me she wanted to use her diaper instead of the potty. That's when I knew I needed back-up.

So I told her that the make-believe diaper fairy was coming. And that if she put her diapers outside her bedroom, she would get presents and the fairy would re-distribute the old diapers to other children that needed them.

Interestingly, on diaper-free Day 1, she had 5 accidents. On day 2, she had 1 accident. Today, day 3, she had no accidents and she really seems to be getting the hang of it. I guess time will tell.

a - MAZE - ing

Tonight Chase did a maze. It was the first time we have ever showed her one. It was fairly basic, but there were a couple places where she could have gotten mixed-up or confused; she didn't. Not even for a moment. She just took the crayon and drew the line, without backtracking, from the mouse to the cheese. Hubs and I were totally amazed.

Berry Picking

Admittedly, there are no pictures of actual berry picking - Chase mostly did Berry eating, with her friend Linus, at an organic farm about 30 minutes outside of Denver.