Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swimming Chase

We had a pool party not too long ago and invited Chase's swim instructor, who brought his underwater camera. This pictures are way too cool!

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Week Of School

Mads had her first day of K1 (preschool) on Monday. Chase walked her to her school. Mads carried her little backpack all the way up to her little school. We opened the gate. Chase helped her put her snack bag in one basket. Her hat in another. Her water bottle on the water table. Chase found her name tag and helped Mads hang it on a peg next to the letter that starts her name. They worked together to hang her backpack on the peg next to her name. Chase gave Mads a huge hug and said, "I love you, have a good day." I kissed her and tried to be "cool," although I did have a twinge of sadness seeing my littlest rabbit gleefully hopping away from me - but of course, this is what we hope for...

And then she was off! And I found myself standing there while other mums had kids hanging, clinging and crying on them. And I knew I had to go. Even though I wanted to stay and watch. It was the easiest "transition" ever. Of course, it helps that I had taken her to playgroups there all last year. She was so happy to be back. So comfortable being there.

When I picked her up on Friday afternoon she said, "Mama, Gemma is my best friend." Sooo cute!

Chase, like Mads, had a staggered start, which is designed to give the teachers a day to "get to know" their students. Chase's first day was Tuesday. She then had Wednesday and Thursday off. And then everyone went to school on Friday.

She was so happy and exhausted by the end of Tuesday. I have never seen her like that before - and I really pride myself in running my children into the ground with projects and activities designed to keep them VERY busy. She told me all about her day, but two things stayed with me. (1) She told me her teacher played a game with the kids where they had to pass smiles to each other, and (2) she had a little run in with a girl who broke her lego house - and after she rebuilt it, the teacher said it was so great she wanted to keep it, and put it up on a shelf.

On Friday, she was assigned her buddy, an older student who knows the ropes and will take her to her bus after school. The greatest part (and strangest coincidence) is her buddy is actually our next door neighbor. It works out very well.

She also told me she saw a little girl who was looking really sad because no one was sitting by her and so she went over and asked her if she could sit next to her. Oh how I love her sweetness.

As Mads wouldn't let me take any pictures of her first day of school, I snapped one after she passed out waiting for Chase to get out of school.

And then school was over. And there were kids everywhere. And Madoc jumped to her feet and ran to her sister....

Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's Study The World

So you'd think the opportunity to study the world would give me lots of ideas. It didn't.

Problem is I just lacked motivation and focus this week. End of Summer blues, combined with wishing so hard it was cooler so we could actually go outside and enjoy the sunshine, instead of feeling like I was melting right into the pavement.

Halfway through the week, Chase sensed I was not into it, so she quickly changed the topic to fairies. Which for some reason I just couldn't get excited about either.

Maybe it's because I am a little burnt out on the Rachel and Kirsty fairy book series because we read at least two per week. And they are all the same.

So I'm trying to pull my act together and give Chase at least three fairy-related activities. Wish me luck.

I like this

When I woke up this morning, I asked myself, "What is life about?" I found the answer in my room...the fan said, "Be cool." The roof said, "Aim high." The window said, "See the world!" The clock said, "Every minute is precious." The mirror said, "Reflect before you act." The calendar said, "Be up to date." The door said, "Push hard for your goals." The floor said, "Kneel down and pray".... Shared linked from Rosalie Alvior Bat-og.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tea Party?

I honestly feel at times like I am spending most of my day at the Mad Hatter's tea party.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Oh I am so upset. I just found out that Madoc's tubes should not STILL be in her ears. That they should only have been in her ears for 6-9 months. And that if they don't fall out, it means they, quite possibly have somehow gotten lodged into her ear, which means they need to be surgically removed. And the doctor told me, that it's not uncommon for kids to start getting ear infections after they have the tubes removed. I want to puke and cry at the same time.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Let's Study Chinese People

So after a disappointing week of studying Castles (how many cardboard castles can one mum make? oh and what? I'm not an actual princess?), Chase decided she wanted to study Chinese people.

Now that we can do! Suddenly I found myself in craft-making/cooking heaven. And a week is definitely not enough time, but attention spans are short. Sadly there were no books at the library about Chinese history for children in English (can you believe it?) and no Mandarin CDs (that's okay, the girls have got that covered).

We started off by trying to make fortune cookies (I don't have a picture of the finished product, because, well, they stuck to the cookie sheet). Chase wrote the fortunes, which included "You will meet a prince" and "Have a happy day."

We made paper lanterns, which symbolize warmth, brightness and reunion and are supposed to ward away evil spirits.

We made paper dragon puppets ... The Chinese consider dragons the ultimate symbol of good fortune. There are actually nine major Dragons; each has a different role.

We made Chinese "Coolie" hats ...

And plum blossom trees, which the Chinese consider a symbol for courage and hope...

And Chinese hand drums from wooden spoons ...

I told Chase the story of the Terracotta Warriors (one of my favorite stories of all time). About how, so many years ago, a Chinese Emperor had his prisoners make thousands of warriors to protect him (and his treasure) after he died. Each Terracotta Warrior was different - hair, height - some looked to be from the North (high cheekbones), some from the South (rounder, softer face). Each had a weapon - some had horses.

The peasants, however, were terrified when they heard about the Emperor's great army that would protect him in death. So they stormed his grave and broke his army into tiny pieces, taking the weapons. And then his tomb was buried. And forgotten. Until 30-years-ago, when a farmer was thirsty and began digging near his well. And found a piece of a soldier. And another piece. And another. And he kept digging (along with others) and they uncovered millions of pieces of warriors. All brilliantly painted.

And within one week all the gorgeous, original color faded. To Terracotta. And no one on earth, to this day, can figure out how to preserve it. So archeologists have spent years putting together Terracotta Warriors. And there are thousands left buried, still to this day. Because they can't figure out how to keep the color.

And then we made our own Terracotta warriors.

Chase wants to study "the world" next week.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Getting My Groove Back

So Chase picked a topic for this week - "let's study Chinese people" - and yes, hey!, we can do that! Castles were not very inspiring, but we have been up to our eyebrows in crafts this week. Pics and stories to come.

So Proud

There is something about having your children actually cheer for each other that is so, unbelievably beautiful.

Yesterday, Chase cheered-on Madoc during soccer. Today, Madsy was shouting at the top of her little lungs, "go Chasey-boo" during gymnastics.

I want to bottle it up. Stick it on a shelf. And come back to it years from now when they are slamming doors in my face (oh please girls, if you are reading this years from now, don't ever do that).

Jumping back in...

After being a full time mom, I am starting to evaluate different options. I have one year until Mads is in morning kindie. So it's time I start planning for the future (as if I can even do that with no idea where I'll be in a year). At this point I have started thinking more and more about re-entering the world of social media (could there be a better job for me?), as well as pursuing my Masters (hurrah!) - which means that maybe, someday, I could actually be a professor.