Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Day

It is still hot here. And will be for several more months.
So hot you sweat just looking outside.
I've been keeping our AC at 30c because our last electricity bill was astronomical.

So what have we been up to?

1) Barbies. Lots of barbies. I must admit, my least favorite thing to play. I look forward to when Chase and Mads can play together.

2) We started going on nature walks in the morning.
Yesterday Chase collected large, tropical leaves and then took them home and drew them.
Today I was going to have her use clay to model in the shape of leaves.

3) We also studied how orange juice gets onto the breakfast table.

4) And Chase is currently working to earn a large, inflatable bouncy ball that has a handle (the child sits on the ball and bounces).

Chase and Mads also designed their own place-mats. They set and clear their table every day. They serve themselves - and each other - food and beverage. It is so darn cute. I just love to watch them having little conversations with each other over breakfast.

Chase continues to get mosquito bites. Mads continues to NOT get bitten.

Chase is learning the difference between being a good role model and a bad role model. Despite her best efforts, she usually ends up teaching and encouraging Mads to misbehave. Mostly because Madoc will do anything Chase wants her to. Chase is still having a hard time using her words with Madoc, and usually does a weird scream thing if Mads takes something from her. Which happens more times in a day than I can count.

Chase is an amazing learner. She absorbs everything. All of her lessons. From anyone who will take two minutes with her. Whatever her friends do. Whatever happens around her. She just soaks it up. And she's old enough that she can act on it, whatever it is. It's amazing to watch.

Mads is doing the same thing, but I would dub her a silent observer. Watching, learning, taking notes. In just the last few months we have seen her develop very strong opinions about what she likes and doesn't like. And while she isn't talking much (her big sister and pacifier are culprits I'm sure), she understands so much. Hubs and I agree that the day she starts talking, she probably won't ever stop.

Two lovely girls. How did I get so lucky?


I was planning on posting a picture of Mads at her soccer class today, but she is so shy at practice, that she buried herself in my arm/lap and hardly participated (except when I lifted her up, or physically moved her leg to kick the ball). And then of course she cried. The thing is, we practiced all of the moves ALL week long, so I know she knows how to do them. And she isn't shy anywhere else. And the other two tots (the same age) are running circles around her, poor dear!

C'mon Madsy, you can do it! I know you can!