Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Pictures Please

Hubs has been reading Robinson Crusoe to Chase before bed. And she loves it. A couple nights ago, Hubs finally got to a picture in the book. He said, "look Chase, there's a picture!" Chase said, "I want to read a book with no pictures, because I can see the pictures in my head." I LOVE IT.

Chase's First School Interview

So my eye started twitching early this morning because I was so nervous for Chase's school interview. I tried to make it stop, by telling myself it didn't matter, that she doesn't really need to go to school next year. Yah, whatever.

Chase is amazing in every way, but the numbers aren't good. She is one of 400 kids being interviewed over two weekends for 150 spots. Oh, and did I mention that 70% of the 150 spots must be given to permanent resident card holders (not us)? Oh and there is only one other school that we might be able to send her to ... if she makes it on to and then off the wait list.

I guess the good news is that she wasn't the little girl who cried and wouldn't let go of mommy (yes, there was one of those). On the other hand, she did snag Mezzabelle from my purse when I wasn't looking (Mezzabelle is her doll, who she has only recently formed a strong attachment to - and that we told her wasn't going with her into the "playgroup"). So Mezzabelle went along for the ride.

So I asked her what she did when she came back. She told me "the lady" read them a story of the Hungry Caterpillar (a story that I personally dislike, I have no idea why, so Chase has probably only heard the story once). Then "the lady" asked the kids to re-tell the story using cards. Chase said she did it all, but forgot the last part (you know, the BUTTERFLY part), and then she said the lady asked her if there was anything else, and Chase said "oh yah! the butterfly." PHEW. That was a close one.

Then I asked her if they drew anything. She said, "Yes, I drew a rainbow." Now Chase has never just drawn a rainbow. She has always made very detailed drawing with ladders up to clouds, with kingdoms or rain clouds or treasure maps or cities. So I asked her if she drew anything else and she said she drew kings and queens and princesses. (I'm thinking good, light subject matter, no one can read anything into that...) and she said, "and I drew a picture of a man dressing up as a woman and a woman dressing up as a man." Okay, SERIOUSLY?

My friend, who also has a child interviewing at the school, turned to me and said, "leave the bedroom door open last night?" SERIOUSLY.

For the record - I have a creative daughter. I have absolutely no idea where she came up with that idea.