Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Car

I am so happy. Chase got to ride in a car seat, for the first time in months, today.

When I put her into the car seat, she squirmed around and looked at me as if to say, "why am I not sitting in your lap, mama?" I could just see her thinking, "I'm not sure I like being strapped in like this!"

And, while I don't condone TV for kids, I think I'm going to like the fact there is a screen built into the driver's headrest, so Chase can watch Chinese Soap Operas when she gets squirmy.

Our driver, Qing, is really nice. He drives very slowly when we are in the car, but I can tell that deep down inside he wants to be a race car driver.

Oh The Insanity

Today's Gymboree music class was madness. But I couldn't stop laughing.

There were about 3x as many kids (maybe because it is getting warmer?), so the classroom was hot, hot, hot. The usual instructor (a Mary Poppins from the Philippines - I love her!) was away, so were led through the various activities by another woman, who I can only say probably once had (or perhaps still has) ambitions of being in the Chinese opera. Her voice had that sort of "out of body" quality, and while it was lovely, it just seemed a little much for a room full of squirmy, hot, kids.

Which brings me to the madness. So while the Chinese opera singer is singing "three little kittens have lost their mittens," the room was getting warmer and warmer. The kids were all over the place. Some were happy, while a couple were crying. By the end of the class, Chase's cheeks were bright pink and her hair was wet and starting to stick to her head (poor dear).

Long Long (all Chinese babies have double names), my favorite little Chinese boy, who looks like a drunken sailor when we walks, kept me laughing. He's not afraid of the big white woman, like some of the little kids. He is always dressed in designer labels (as is his mum).

Chase also met Vincent today. His mother is Chinese and his father is European. He's a cutie and his mom already told me that Chase is not allowed to have any boyfriends except Vincent. Totally cute.

And then, at the end of the class, I was invited to a neighbors flat for a play date this afternoon. Whoa! The Chinese women stick together, so I was surprised and delighted. Only problem is, she doesn't speak ANY English. (This will be interesting! I have to say, I don't know her name or her son's name - he was dressed in pink and yes, I thought he was a girl - my bad again!)

And finally, to make everything just slightly more comical, I have no pants that fit. My pants are all too big so I am constantly trying to pull them up when I sit down, so as not to expose anything to those looking on from behind. Naturally, when I stand up, they get all bunched up, so I have to pull them down. It's ridiculous. Meanwhile, most of the other moms are in Gucci.

I think it's time for a makeover!