Monday, November 17, 2008

Lady Music

This morning Chase was twirling in the kitchen.

"Music, Mama," she said over and over again and she twirled.

We were, of course, listening to NPR.

"Okay," I eventually gave in - sucker! - (Chase gets to listen to anything she wants in the car. I get to listen to anything I want in the kitchen).

I started flipping through the stations - first stop, classical.

"No, no, no,"' Chase sings out, still twirling. "I want Lady music, Mama."

Can you believe I tried every last station on the radio and there was not one song being sung by a woman? Chase couldn't believe it either. She ended up kicking and screaming on the floor, "Lady music! Lady music!"

Which brings me to the Terrible Twos. Not so bad for the most part, but the drama of tantrums can be so exhausting, especially when you can't see them coming. It's like weathering a tropical storm that rains down hard (as if from nowhere) and clears up just as fast. But when you're in the midst you wonder if and when it will end.

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