Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Playing Cars

After Chase told me she "loves cars," I went out and bought her a little, yellow, toy car. Watching her play with it went something like this...

Chase builds a house out of blocks. She lines up her animals and Einsteins. They talk to each other for a little while. Move around in the house. Talk to each other some more. So where's the car? Oh, it's in the garage. An Einstein or an animal might talk to the car briefly, but it mostly stays in the garage.

So today we met Reid for a play date, and I brought along a car for him. And he played with it like boys play with cars - it was the center of his attention - driving through sand, under tunnels, through things, over things and Chase played with him - just like him. After a half hour, she was the dirtiest I have ever seen her - and so happy. I wanted to strip her clothes off before putting her in the car, but I didn't. Her bath water was brown.

And then she fell asleep at the dinner table.

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