Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Few Of Chase's Favorite Things

Chase has started really enjoying bath time. She will spend up to an hour in it, splashing around. This afternoon she started singing, "row, row, row your boat," to her Einsteins, sliding back and forth on her stomach. Then she started calling them "kids."

"C'mon kids, let's sing!" she said. Not sure where she got that...

Another thing Chase loves is mixing colored water. We go outside and I set up three large pitchers of colored water, as well as a clear Pyrex plate and she spends the next half hour creating her own colors.

She's started to really love finger painting - creating animals and such from her hand-prints. Fabulous. We've been doing a lot of color wheel configurations.

And puzzles. She just can't get enough puzzles and mazes. She also enjoys measuring her stuffed animals.

She also has three favorite pairs of PJs. She loves the top/bottom separates and has three - one with Dora, one with a "fairy" painted on the top and another that has castles all over it.

We're still not into fairies or princesses. Tonight she told me she "loves trucks." Even though we don't own any and I've never seen her play with them. She went on to tell me that Ryder and Reid have trucks (two little guys she plays with), so I think trucks may be this year's princess crown.

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