Friday, November 14, 2008

Chase's "School" Experience

This morning I dropped Chase off at "school." I know one of the other moms, who asked me if I wanted to get coffee. With three hours to myself (one of maybe three times in the last three years), I felt like it would be silly not to. I had this plan of how I wanted to spend the time, but it went so quickly I didn't get much done.

Anyway, my friend said she was going to swing back by and check on her son, who she found in tears. Chase, meanwhile, was trying to comfort him. She was still playing with kids happily when my friend left (she reported back).

I arrived to pick up Chase about 25 minutes early, with a plan to sit in the lobby for her. I went to the bathroom and heard a child crying, so I looked in the room - the lights were out - for some kind of quiet time or something. Chase saw me and ran outside, giving me this look like, "where have you been mom?"

The lady at the front desk tried to lock me in for a month, but I told her I needed to chat with Chase first. So I asked Chase how it went and she said, "okay." I asked her what they did and she said, "I don't know," which is not a normal response for her. The "art" I received when I picked up Chase consisted of three stickers stuck to a piece of green construction paper - and for anyone who knows Chase, they would know that this is highly unusual (she is either drawing faces or putting more stickers on a page then the page can hold). When I asked her to describe the art, she didn't say a word and just pointed (also highly uncharacteristic).

And then tonight she told me, out of the blue, that she didn't want to go back to baby power because they made her sit in the dark, and she didn't like sitting in the dark. (Broke my heart!) Can't say I blame her - sounds pretty scary to me! They didn't mention anything about that in the overview.

So she's not going back. Luckily mom sent me some info about a couple schools I haven't heard of before, so maybe there's still a happy, good place for her to spend a little time this year.

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