Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So I've made up my mind (finally). For this year, we are already on two wait lists - JCC and Children's Garden Montessori. They are the the only programs I've been impressed by, and as I see it, there is no reason to send Chase to something I think is only okay - seriously, what's the point? If she doesn't get into either of these schools, she'll stay home with me for another year.

Next year is a little more difficult, which is what I've been trying to figure out now so that I don't (a) miss out on any opportunities and (b) feel like my back is against the wall - deadlines for applying for Fall '09 are in December. So here's the larger question. Do we want Chase to go to public, private or a charter school? The reason why we need to decide this now is because it's important to get into the right "feeder" school.

And so after pulling my hair out, trying to figure out what school I want her to go to, what school is right for her and what school we can afford, I think I've decided we're going to try to get her into Denver International School - and go the language immersion route with her. Reason being, it seems that we're going to have to supplement her education no matter what - with schools cutting back on arts, music, sports, we're just going to have to do some stuff on the side - no matter what. And after thinking it through, the hardest thing to supplement on the side is a language, if we really want her to be fluent.

Whew! Now all we have to do is actually get in to one of the three spots available at DIS. I wonder if I just went there and wrote a check if they'd say, "Welcome to the school."

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Abe said...

Hang in there on the school thing. It sounds like you have a lot of great options. And like you said, you can always suppliment where needed. Unfortunately, with the way public funding has been for schools, it seems we all will ahve to suppliment to some extent, whether its art, music, sports or languages. It seems these things are "important enough" in a public education. We are lucky to be able to suppliment our childrens' educations, but think of all the families/parents that cannot afford it. This is the biggest tragedy of all.

Michelle and I are very lucky to live where we live. Despite some cuts in some areas, Milton public schools have a french immersion program, which we will most likely enroll both Asher & Greta (and Baby III) in when they hit 2nd grade.