Saturday, April 05, 2008

No, Not Me.

It can't be true. Am I really becoming one of "those" bloggers. The kind that says, "oh yah, I have a blog," but only update it once a month? I hope not.

So here's the scoop. No pictures for ages because Hubs has this mega super computer that now stores all our photos - and I used to be able to know how to use it, but then he purchased (yet another) remote control (because we need one for every device). I'm quite sure he'd buy a remote for the shower, the blender and the toaster if they were available. Anyhoo, until I can unlock the truth from within the remote, my blog will continue to lack our latest pictures.

The past month has been filled with a slew of visitors, birthdays (Hubs and Chase, as well as others), and making changes here and there around the house. I have color chips on all the walls (our neighbor has been kind enough to volunteer to help me paint away the buttercup yellow downstairs). I'll tackle the upstairs on my own.

We had 8 yards of dirt delivered. Hubs did a wondrous job of moving it from the front of the house to the back. I have officially planted wildflowers along the boarders and a full vegetable garden (hurray!). I have also planted bulbs out front - I'm SO excited to see how the garden will unfold.

We have also figured out what to do about our kitchen! And we have scheduled the roofers to come out in August.

As for my darling Chase, she is doing very well. I think she may be a bit behind in vocabulary development, but she's making up for it in her puzzle work. We don't even have to help her with her 12-piece puzzles anymore. I need to find something that's a little more challenging for her...

She is also singing up a storm. Not exactly using the right words, but still singing.

She is terrified of the potty. Two of her friends (one older and one younger) are already using it and she just can't seem to make it work for her.

She still loves anything that has to do with travel and the world. We received some world music as a gift for her birthday and she absolutely MUST listen to it every time we're in the car. She also loves a book called "Gigi and Zachary's Around The World Adventure," globes, maps and her child Atlas.

She's still surviving on about a gallon of yogurt a day (no exaggeration), fortified pasta, fruit and corn. She's anti-green-veggie at the moment.

As for Hubs, he's racing around a race track at the moment - at driving school (the kind of driving school where they encourage you to drive fast, not the kind where they send you if you have too many tickets).

And I am settling into Denver now, more than ever. With the sun coming out every day and temperatures in the mid-60s, I can't complain.

I have fallen into cahoots with a marketing gal who is pushing clients in my direction. I did some high-level consulting for the Colfax Marathon (Denver's marathon) and for a baby-planner, who offers families support as they prepare for a child. I'm super close to getting my own gig off the ground, but I am still stumped on a name for my biz. It's driving me nuts. I'll disclose more when I'm closer.

So that's it in a nutshell....

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