Monday, March 31, 2008

Bye To Grandpa Mark & Fern

And so I dropped my Dad and Fern at the airport this afternoon. I so hated to say goodbye, it was really nice having them in town.

I also have to give them a huge THANKS for all the work they did in our yard. We put them to work yesterday and by the end of the day all our plants were pruned (Thanks Fern!), the (old green rusty) laundry poles were gone (Thanks Dad & Hubs!) and now we have a new watering system - and bed for growing veggies. We're so excited - okay, I am so excited.

Next step? Soil delivery. VERY exciting. And then we order up plants, get them into the ground and sit back and watch our backyard become our own little oasis.

So what comes after our garden transformation? A new roof and new kitchen.

Lots of stuff in the works! Stay tuned...

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