Friday, March 21, 2008


Steamboat was amazing. Hubs and I decided to pony-up and pay for a sitter for Chase so that I could go snow-shoeing with Renee. We did the actual snow-shoeing in Catamount, just about 10 minutes outside of Steamboat. It was amazing. I love it there - and it was so fabulous to catch up with our friends from London.

I tend to buy new things for Chase when we travel. To keep her busy. This time around, the runaway hit was a wooden train set. Chase played with it continuously. At one point, we looked over and she was actually re-laying the tracks, taking them apart and then putting them back together so the train could go in a different direction.

Chase's actual birthday was filled with lots of presents, a trip to the zoo, a ride in the zoo train (she LOVED it), and a ride on the carousal (she refused to actually ride on any animals and clung to me with all her might).

She also had her 2-year check-up. The one thing that I keep coming back to, which I didn't mention before, is that I told the doctor about her fear of water, but instead of saying, "oh that's normal," or "try this, try that," he told me to go buy an herbal remedy called "rescue remedy" and basically dope her before bath time to take the edge off. Yah, I don't think so. Instead, I sit in the tub and bath all the Einsteins before bathing Chase. I'm sure this too, shall pass.

Her birthday bowling bash is tomorrow. Should be interesting. We're expecting 10 kids total. Who knows how many adults. If everyone shows that's about 30 people. Good thing it's not at our house. Strange thing is I'm a little stressed about it. Given I have coordinated black tie gala events for 100s of people, I keep thinking of things I should be doing, but then I say, "self, you've got to relax, she is just turning 2."

Soccer, meanwhile, is going fabulously. Chase scored three goals today. Okay, so the ball wasn't moving before she kicked it. And it was set just outside the goal (hard to miss).

She is linking three words. She made our dinner last night (manacotti and salad). She took off her clothes (almost all by herself) and put them in the dirty clothes basket.

In honor of her 2-year birthday, I relocated pots and pans to provide her with her own cabinet in the kitchen, complete with dishes, bowls, cups, napkins and utensils. She loves it.

She also LOVES puzzles. We have a wooden, 12-piece, farm puzzle that she can almost put together on her own (clever girl). Hubs was wowed because she was actually looking for each specific piece.

She still adores the Einsteins, although Clifford is moving into the spotlight more and more. Curious George is like an old buddy, as is Elmo.

In other news, Chase was wait-listed (DRAT) at Children's Garden Montessori. She's number 5. I don't know what that means, or how good/bad our chances are... but I'm thinking it might be time to try to figure out something else.

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