Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mo Twah Booberry Yoyo Peas

Chase is talking up a storm these days - and she is constantly coming up with new sentences. Her latest? "Mo Twoh Booberry Yoyo Peas." This means, "more cold blueberry yogurt please."

She is getting too good at hide and seek. Maybe that's because there are only so many places to hide downstairs.

And she has fallen in love with puzzles. She can almost complete a 12-piece puzzle by herself, but she still needs hints like, "I think you might be looking for the dog eyes," or "maybe you want the pig's feet."

I finally got her to kick the habit of listening to the Little Einsteins in the car (it was driving me batty!) - she was gifted a "World Playground" CD, which is SO fabulous. It has children's songs from around the world on it - and they don't make you want to hit your head against the wall.

And I am still trying to figure out this whole school thing. Where to send her. When. Yada yada, yada. Now I'm thinking about investigating the Spanish Montessori immersion school they have here. Could be interesting.

Dad and Fern are out visiting - it's so nice to see them! They spent today skiing at Veil. Tomorrow they're helping us do some landscaping - I'm so excited! Huge thanks to them for coming all this way and helping us get our home ship shape.

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