Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chase's 2-Year Check-Up

Just returned from her 2-year check up. She has dropped in weight from 60th percentile to 40th percentile. She has grown (of course) and is now up to 95th percentile for length (compared to 90th percentile), and her head cir. is 75th percentile (basically in line with where it has always been). The doctor was not worried about the weight drop.

We discussed her all-day-buffet eating, and he said there are three types of eaters, and all-day-buffet is one, so not to worry. The biggest challenge is to make sure that each time they eat - that each meal represents one food group. Which I haven't been doing - and certainly makes sense.

She has achieved (and surpassed) her 2-year milestones. She had her second Hep-A, which means she's good to go!

The only thing that the doctor indicated a little concern about? Her sleep pattern. At this age, kids should still be napping at least once a day at a regular time, and going to sleep at roughly the same time (give or take a half hour), and sleeping through the night. He said he wasn't concerned that she wasn't getting enough, he was more concerned that as care givers an erratic sleep schedule can be exhausting. The only remedy is to stay in one place and establish a pattern. Hmmm, doesn't sound likely seeing as how we have travel plans for April and May.

The good news, I guess, is that there are no major time zone changes.

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