Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I must admit something.

I really was planning on celebrating the Chinese New Year, but I became overwhelmed with cleaning and straightening up the house after my mom - and husband - confirmed I am a slob.

I prefer to think of myself as having better things to do with my time then spend it cleaning. Like taking care of a 2-year-old, who delights in unpacking shelves. And it's not like we live in a messy-mess.

At first glance everything looks pretty good. It's just if you open a cabinet or closet, you see things are jammed inside. Hubs tried to make me feel better, "Don't worry, I knew you were a slob when I married you." Thanks, hon.

But I digress.

So I was planning on doing some New Year celebrations - and I think I will go buy some oranges, flowers, dumplings and spring rolls today (so we can enjoy them tomorrow). But it just doesn't feel the same. The celebrations here aren't as grand. We don't have fireworks going off EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY for months before (and after).

So on to the Year of The Rat...
Following are some predictions from Paul NG. (

- There are 3 “wood” elements in this combination, resulting in good news concerning land and real estate.
- This may be a record year for single old ladies to re-marry.
- Marriage involving older women and younger men would continue.
- The world’s political picture, especially USA and UK, could be very dark, owing to many terrorist attacks.
- There would be plenty of water problems worldwide, such as flooding.
- The polar ice will speed up its melting process, thus increasing the water level in the oceans.
- On the bright side, this is a good year for economic recoveries. Many businesses would do well.
-There would be some kind of breakthroughs in cancer treatments.
- Food businesses would do well too, especially those targeting weddings and births.
- Gold and Metals would do well in general
-Textiles would do well, for the first time in many years, especially those targeting the Beijing Olympics.
- Metals businesses may suffer, especially Northern American cars . There would be major layoffs.
- Soda Water businesses also would be outperformed by Pure Water.
- Travel industry would do well in the north , especially mountainous areas .

Projection for the World Stock Markets:

February Positive

  • March: Positive
  • April: First half of month better than second half
  • May Positive
  • June Positive, but with volatility
  • July Positive
  • August : Negative
  • September : Negative
  • October: Second half of month better than first half
  • November : First half of month better than second half
  • December: First half of month better than second half
  • January (2009): Positive
For more about each sign - visit:

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