Friday, February 08, 2008

Zoo Fundraiser

I have talked a local coffee shop in to hosting a fundraiser.

Chase has painted 6 pieces of art, each will be sold for $10.00 - and all proceeds will be donated to the Denver Zoo's Red Apple Fund, a fund that helps children who can't afford the zoo with an opportunity to visit the zoo.

Our goal is to sell each of the following pieces before the show (which is slated for March).

So family members, please let me know which piece to reserve for you. I will mail them to you following her show - so you will receive them in April. Please send checks or cash to Chase Allbritton. All donations are welcome.

Canvases are 6" x 8" - mixed media (acrylic paint with glitter pen) - so without further ado:

"Monkey House"

"Giraffe" (SOLD) - Thanks to Aunt Michelle!

"Hippo" (SOLD) - I'm keeping one!

"Cheetah" (SOLD!) Thanks Joe & Karla!

"Polar Bear" (SOLD!) - Thanks, Dad!

"Elephant" - (SOLD) Thanks, Mom!

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