Saturday, February 16, 2008

Whatever It Is YOU Do

I have been really bad at updates. I know. I have been even worse at taking pictures.

So let's see, what has happened since my last update?

  • Chase had a full blown tantrum in Target (read: screaming, arching back, kicking, rolling around on the floor), because she didn't want to wear her shoes. Oh, and it was lunch time and she was hungry and tired. Yah, note to self.
  • We enrolled her in a tiny tot soccer program. She even has a uniform. She starts in March.
  • Chase's Mandarin is coming along. She loves her tutor. Her pronunciation is improving.
  • We're heading to London next week with plans to spend a couple days in Budapest to celebrate Chase's second birthday. (wow, has it really been two years?)
  • NeeNee KarKar and Poppa Joe have been out visiting - it has been wonderful! Pictures to come.
A little story from yesterday - so Karla (Hub's mom) and I are in the fabric store looking for curtain material. We found a beautiful green silk (so yummy). And the lady behind the counter, who had quite the approach to life, laid into me here and there because I don't really "get" sewing. Like, I'm trying to learn, okay? So at the end of our time there, she said to me, in a sardonic tone, "well honey, I'm sure that whatever it is YOU do, you're very good at it."

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