Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Zoo

We are now proud members of the Denver Zoo. During the weekends, the zoo is packed with families. During the week, however, the zoo appears to be the place to go if you are a nanny.

I met three ladies today. All of them were nannies. There was one gal I really liked; she was young, sporty and taking care of two boys; she also cares for 1-year-old twins - so I asked for her number, just in case Hubs and I ever decide to have "date night" (a little something I've read about in all those parenting books). Anyway...

At this point, I'm not sure Chase understands that the whole reason we go to the zoo is to see animals. Or maybe I'm the one who doesn't understand that there is so much more to do - like pretend to drive the golf carts that the zoo-keepers drive. We sat in one for what felt like a decade, while I asked her to drive me to various exhibits.

Chase will be the first to tell you that the zoo is also a good place for running. And when you're not running (or looking at animals or playing on the golf carts) it's fun to explore the plants and shrubs that line the pathways.

And finally, we have also found the zoo is a great place to have fun with our shadows. Chase was walking behind me, so I turned, put my arms over my head so that the shadows of my fingers just touched Chase's shoes - and then I pretended to tickle her feet. She laughed, so I gave her a hug with my shadow. Then I decided to use my shadow fingers to pat the head of her shadow - and that pretty much freaked her out. The thought of my shadow interacting with her shadow was just too much.

Good thing there were some pink flamingos nearby so I could quickly distract her.

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