Thursday, September 06, 2007

She's In. She's Out.

I pulled Chase out of the Montessori school today; she was slated to start in two weeks. I couldn't go through with it; something about it just wasn't right.

The thought of handing her over to total strangers every morning was more than I could bear. I don't know how moms turn their kids over to daycares. Even nannies. I've seen so many nannies over the past couple weeks - and while there are good ones, most barely interact with the children. But, I guess that as long as they keep the kids out of the lion's den at the zoo, they are earning their money.

Anyway, there is another Montessori school we are considering. The only drawback: it's like applying to college. They send out application packets in October - you are alerted in March as to if your child has been accepted. The gorgeous thing about the school is they offer morning classes 2, 3 or 5 times per week. So we'll apply next month and cross our fingers that Chase is accepted. She'll be two at that point and we'll be more settled into Denver, which will help ease the transition.

Speaking of which, things here are still very much up in the air - but we're settling in more and more every day. While we own a home, we aren't actually living there now. We don't have any furniture yet. We're still living out of duffel bags and boxes in our apartment. Our mattress arrives in a week. Our couch arrives in October. Things from China will arrive next week or the following week, and then we should get our things from PDX the week of 17 September (thanks to my darling Hubs who is planning to drive the goods here himself).

Slowly, slowly, it is coming together...

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