Monday, September 03, 2007


We spent most of this weekend at our new house.
Even without a single piece of furniture, the house feels like home.

Our private backyard enabled Chase to spend most of the day in her "birthday suit," playing in her new, inflatable pool (thanks Da Da!).

I had no idea the pool would provide HOURS of fun. I mean nothing keeps her attention that long. Maybe I should get one for our living room or kitchen so she can amuse herself while I cook dinner.

But today wasn't all about the pool. Chase also enjoyed eating fresh, local peaches - and the juice streamed down her chin, onto her stomach. She spent most of the day with a huge smile on her face - running around naked, covered in peach juice.

And if that wasn't enough fun, we decided to paint a birdhouse. I was surprised at how she focused on the colors - and was determined to paint the birdhouse on the inside and out.

I must say, it's gorgeous (okay, yes, I'm a little biased).
I'm sure the birds will love it.
They might even fight over it.

Methinks we'll need to paint a couple more.

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