Thursday, May 03, 2007

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

The wind was up.
It was a "must fly" kite day.
And so we headed to Xinghai Square.
Chase was darling (as always).
Dada let her fly the kite, which made her squeal with delight.
She waved her arms up and down (any faster and she would have been airborne).
The kite, meanwhile, dipped and soared accordingly.

Dada remarked "now I remember why kite flying is fun."

But before we actually got to the kite flying part - we posed with a complete stranger (we actually pose with so many of these people that we've decided to just hand them our camera and get a picture while they're at it).

And, of course, Chase got a lot of attention (as usual).

What's a girl to do with so much attention?

Let's not forget about the kite ...

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Ryan said...

Wow! It looks like Chase is performing at Speakers Corner. Great stuff all look great!
Ryan & Gretchen