Monday, May 07, 2007

A Few Of Your Favorite Things...

My little darling, Chase, we just wanted to tell you (for the zillionth time) how much we love you.

At nearly 14-months of age, you most enjoy playing your xylophone, reading, drawing, painting and playing with stickers. Your Hello Kitty window decals, we've found, keep you busy for at least 10 minutes; you love patting them on and pealing them off windows.

You love all things shiny. I even put small pink, glittery bobbles on my phone, just for you (Dada doesn't believe me, he thinks I did it because I wanted a pink, glittery phone).

This morning, I caught you sucking one of the glittery sparkles off my phone; you opened your mouth and the pink sparkle winked at me.

I wonder if it tasted pink and sparkly to you - I can't really blame you for wanting to see what pink and sparkly tasted like - you used to try to taste the notes from your xylophone - as well as taste the color that came off your crayon.

Speaking of things that taste good ... you still love banana (as well as just about any fruit), as well as eggplant parm, lasagne, pumpkin bread, and Chinese food. You recently started devouring zucchini with basil and olive oil.

You are really cruising now. You love walking on your own. You also love getting your own way (shocking) and you are already letting us know when you are not happy - you find the nearest flat surface and put your head down onto your hands, looking up only briefly to make sure we are taking note of your displeasure.

I have started counting (with you) to 5, because you want everything yesterday. Counting to 5 seems to help. Curiously, you don't forget what you wanted, you hold onto the idea - I find this interesting, because I was quite sure that by the time I got to 5, you would be on to something else. Clever girl.

We love you.

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