Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Trip: Chinese Countryside (Spa Weekend)

We just returned from a Spa weekend in the Chinese countryside; a serious cultural experience.

First, I must say that for some reason it is really hard to get a clear understanding of what one will be doing when one goes on a group excursion here (for example: the time when Hubs thought he was going skating, he ended up snowboarding).

So when the opportunity to go on a Spa weekend with friends arose, I couldn't help but feel like I might just be happier (and more relaxed) at home.

But of course, curiosity makes it impossible for us to decline such invitations. So we packed our bags, jumped on a bus and headed for the Chinese countryside.

When we arrived (2.5 hours later), we were shown to our room (small but clean with communal shower and bathroom facilities). Our host was kind enough to try to upgrade us to another room so we could have a little more room for Chase to crawl about.

The view from our window ... (note police facility at entrance)

Chase, ready for the spa ... Only later did we find out the water would be too hot! Hubs couldn't make it in past his knee.

Chase decided to try to store some of her valuables ...

We were given welcome packages when we arrived. Part of the welcome package was this tiny pair of swim trunks (not sure why because no one uses them)...

Well, except Chase!

After we got settled in, we headed to lunch.
And then Dada hit the Spa, while we "rested."
Around 4 pm there was a knock on the door.
Time for fruit picking!
So we jumped in the bus, drove for 5 minutes and then set off by foot into the countryside.

It didn't take us long to realize that fruit picking here was going to be totally different from any fruit picking we'd done before - what gave it away? We were heading for a greenhouse.

Just ouside the greenhouse was a chicken coup.
Chase loved the chickens.

And the guard dog...

Inside the greenhouse we found nectarines!

And then we were off to "pick apples," but we had to wait for the manager of the cold storage unit to open the doors. Chase decided it was high time for a nap...

When the manager finally arrived, we were informed the apples were 6 months old, but they were green apples (no pesticide). As they were kept in a cold storage unit they would be good to eat anytime within the year (hmmm... very different from my fruit picking experience where one actually picks fruit from the tree and eats it on the day it is picked).

Here is Dada picking apples...

The next morning, most of the group headed off to a hike. As we didn't have a proper baby backpack, we decided to go for a small walk into the hills behind the Spa.

Here's a view from the top. It was really lovely.

And then we went to lunch, jumped into the bus and headed home.

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Sarah said...

Wow, Chase you are such a big girl now! I love all the pictures. Sounds like an amazing weekend. Hope you are all well
-Sarah, Zack & B