Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Token White Girl

Gymboree was crazy today; there were 12 kids in Chase's music class.
I must admit, I really have a hard time telling the kids apart.

The good news: we have been asked to join an arts and crafts playgroup; the founder wants it to be more "international," so we will be the token white people.

I am actually elated, as I am finding that Chase needs more activity. The Hello Kitty window decals will only keep her busy for so long. When we're at home, she keeps looking at me as if to say, "when are we going to 'Go Dog Go,' Mama?" But I guess I deserve this, after all we did so much movin' and shakin' last year.

I fear I might even be putting on weight as we have not been travelling as much as we used to. Forget about Jenny Craig, the best way to keep slim is to travel with a small child. Our trip to Beijing, scheduled for the end of the month, can't come soon enough (Great Wall here we come!).

All for now. I hear my sleeping beauty waking. Time to visit her little friend, Ho Di.

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