Thursday, January 28, 2010

Enough Is Enough

I have to post. I have to. I haven't done it for so long, I'm sure no one reads my blog anymore. So here's the scoop.

We are still waiting to hear news about our future. Should know this week (or so we hope). While I wish I could write more, I don't want to jinx it, and goodness knows it's better to keep it under wraps until we know for sure. We are both stressed.

Madsie is walking. Really walking. Grocery store trips are near impossible, so I am ordering food online. I miss my Dalian helper, Flora, who did all my food shopping for me in China.

Madsie has become her own little person. Aside from fighting various ailments since Christmas (pink eye, colds, fevers, teething and most recently an ear infection that just won't quit), she is in pretty good spirits. I have become a homeopathic devotee, as a friend recently recommended Pulsatilla to treat her ear infection and everything is clearing right up. I think we are now left with teething pains instead of a blistering ear infection (although it's hard to tell, really). Madsie has watched Chase cook with me so many times that she insists on helping, too. Her favorite thing is putting lids on things (she thinks she's pretty good at it). She also loves making the food processor hum. She also loves to talk. Loves to open things. Loves to unload cabinets. Dump toy boxes. Play with her little pink kitchen. Loves her little pink kitchen.

Chase continues to bloom. More beautiful every day. Sharp as a tack, too. She writes her name and little words. Numbers are on hold at the moment. We are currently doing math and reading comprehension problems out of second grade books (and she isn't even 4 years-old yet. I also became tired of "waiting to hear" so I enrolled her in gymnastics. She is doing a brilliant job and LOVES it. I think we will continue next month. She loves cooking. Always adds extra love (by blowing kisses) into the cake.

So now I must run...

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