Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rudolph The Pink Eye Reindeer

Just when I think we are in the clear, that all we have to do is coast until the New Year (and we can put this very difficult year behind us), both kids come down with Pink Eye. Seriously. I have been washing sheets, clothes, washcloths, doorknobs and all surfaces in our house like it's nobody's business. We have been sterilizing our hands 100 times/day. The good news? Pink eye only stays contagious on a surface for 12 hours. Bad news? We have so many surfaces.

Oh, and everyone is sick, too.

This brings to an end a year that began with a dnc that led to a HepA scare (thanks to a druggie nurse who was injecting herself with pain meds and then filling the empty needles with saline and putting it back on the shelf, when she knew she had HepA). She was working during the time I had my surgery. Luckily, I did not get it. Hubs also faced major medical issues this year, which included a broken wrist and a diabetes scare (it was just a bad computer, it turns out). Both kids, luckily, have been quite healthy, all things considered. But now we're getting hit with a double-whammy. Fabulous.

Bring on the New Year. We are ready to put this year behind us.

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