Sunday, June 28, 2009


I hesitate to write this, because it seems too good to be true ... but I think Mads is outgrowing her reflux. I can eat things like donuts and baked goods, as well as sample foods with seasoning other than salt, and it doesn't upset her, make her cringe, make her hold her breath, make her turn bright red, make her throw-up, make her gurgle or make her scream. So gluten is back in (except it makes me really gassy and I feel a little out of it after I eat it, plus I crave large quantities of it after the slightest nibble - weird). Tomorrow morning, I am going to try miso soup, to see if she can handle the soy. From there, I will try something with dairy and see how that goes. The strange thing is, I have totally lost my taste for dairy. I genuinely miss soy. I don't, so much, miss dairy (except good cheese).

The not so great news? Now she is teething. And while she is the happiest baby on the planet, I can tell those teeth are really hurting her. She's trying to be a good sport, but they HURT! I suspect the night waking at this point is more about her teeth, than about reflux.

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