Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Is Coming

We just enjoyed a marvelous weekend with the Donahues, our neighbors from back in the day, when we lived in Boston. Hubs enjoyed a day of snowboarding; while I took Vickie around to see Denver. No new pictures; our old camera is awful and our new camera is still in the shop. A shame as we're missing loads of good Christmas pictures - not to mention new baby pictures (when she comes).

I can't believe Christmas is next week (unbelievable) - and then it's only a matter of time until littlest babe joins us. And while I am feeling better because an end of my seemingly endless pregnancy is finally near, I now find myself realizing that my life is only going to become more difficult - at least for the next year. At least I'll get my body back.

We have been lucky enough to be invited to dinner for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner, and while I'd love to cook, my taste-buds are totally messed up and I can't seem to cook a darn thing from scratch (poor Hubs). So I'm giving up the dream of cooking our own Christmas dinner this year - someday, someday.

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