Monday, January 28, 2008

Notes On The House

It occurred to me that I should post an entry about our house.

For the first time in four years, we actually have all of our art up, our furniture out, and our various bits and pieces that we've collected over the years - unpacked. And it feels great. It feels like home. It feels like a place I never want to leave, but don't want to be my whole life (I know, it's complicated, and bless Hubs, he "gets it.")

The house, which I was initially on the fence about (only because we bought it after looking at houses for two days), is really such a gem. Despite the fact I wish it was just a little bigger - and that we had just a little more land (like enough to have goats and chickens for Chase - or at least a proper length for lawn bowls or croquet), it is quite comfortable.

But, despite our best efforts, we have more dog doo in the backyard than will fit in a normal trash can. Why have we let so much accumulate out back? Because every time it snowed, the poo was covered. And yes, it took too much motivation to go outside and "hunt" for it. Not to mention, we have better things to do.

So we're getting a fence put in to confine the dog doodles to one area of the yard. It will actually be a good size run, so Taggart will not really be confined. This will allow for us to get our backyard in working order - and ensure that when we have friends over we don't have to scream, "watch out for doodles." Now we just have to motivate to go above and beyond and instead of just sliding the glass door - we'll have to walk him out to his run. That is, until we renovate the kitchen, which is now scheduled for August.

What else? Well, only because I'm here all the time. I happened to notice the entire house is painted yellow inside. Except the bedrooms. And while I have always liked yellow, I find myself needing more color. Deeper, darker, more intense colors. So that will be my new project, come Summer (when I can open windows).

All in all, the house is fabulous.

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