Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Home?

So we think we found our new home. Problem is, someone else thinks it is their new home too. Nothing like being in a bidding war in a buyer's market. Tomorrow we will, most likely, put in an offer, because another bidder came in with an offer this afternoon.

Hey, but wait, that's not fair... isn't this the market where houses aren't selling?

To make sure we wanted to put in an offer, we first drove out to the *burbs,* which I must admit, scared me. It did look like a kid's paradise though... Lots of little ones running around, a big pool, a club house, a barn with horses, nice trails and wilderness close by. All at the base of the foothills. A gorgeous sunset painted the sky pink. And then we realized that there is nothing but strip malls around. And the houses are on tiny lots, so you better hope you like your neighbors. Goodness knows what would happen if you didn't!

Hello Desperate Housewives.

The house we are currently considering, on the other hand, is 5 mins from the Denver Zoo, a huge park, 10/15 mins from Downtown, the Children's Hospital, Museums, etc. The house has three beds on the 2nd floor - okay, the fact I said three beds and second floor in the same sentence means you should be in disbelief - plus a bed and bath downstairs. Plus a huge garage (which sadly makes the lawn space quite small), but there is also a shop next to the garage (Hubs loves this). Plus it is just really nice inside (but the kitchen is a little funky and would need a big remodel).

It's tough. Do we hold out for something better or do we make an offer?

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