Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 3: Offer Accepted

So we put in an offer today. Crazy, I know. We spent two days looking for houses - and because the Denver housing market is SO wacky, we just had to do it.

The good news: we got it for about 40K less then it was originally listed for - and it's right around the corner from two homes worth over 1 million. So if we can pony up the dough for improvements over the next few years (rework kitchen, expand bedrooms, add two baths) we should be in great shape when it comes to reselling. Even without these improvements, the house is great as is, so we're happy!

One little thing about the Denver housing market, besides the fact you get nothing for a lot of money - there is a brilliant option when you're making an offer. You can better offers of your competitors by adding a clause that you will add $2,000 (or whatever) to any offer - with a ceiling of XX (you decide). If that makes sense. Anyway, it's brilliant because whatever the competition is offering, you come in at $2,000 more, which makes your offer "make more sense." The other thing we love - you can add an "as is" clause, which doesn't actually mean "as is." The buyer can still back out after the inspection.

We found a car. It wasn't gold. But it was totaled in the garage. And a white boxer puppy - we go see him tomorrow. We are looking forward to having our kitten out as well - and then we'll be all set!

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