Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I've been in Portland now for a week and have been operating under the radar. I literally haven't seen anyone - except immediate family. Why? Because last time around I flew from place to place, non-stop, and thoroughly exhausted myself - and Chase. It wasn't pretty.

I've noticed this time around that she has become increasingly clingy. She grabs onto my leg and won't let me walk from one end of the Schauffler's kitchen to the other. This says to me that she needs reassurance - and that all of this moving about is starting to impact her. I look forward to the "settling down for a while" part that I think will come with moving to Denver.

Besides all the moving about and living out of suitcases, Jet Lag is really a bear. Chase had just overcome jet lag from our flight to Dalian when we decided to return to the US. Poor girl (and poor mama, who has been up at all hours for a week now!)

During the day, when she's awake and full of energy, we've been playing with water, collecting pine cones, and picking blueberries (which she calls boo-berries). At night, we've played stacking games, among other things.

And while there are other stories to tell, I must try to take a nap now, while she is still asleep...

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