Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Big Flight

The flight from Dalian, China to Portland, Oregon, went as well as could be expected. The check-in desk in Dalian had no record of my flight. After speaking to the supervisor, my ticket seemed to appear out of nowhere. Once we were on the plane, I was relieved to discover that the airline was clever enough not to sit anyone beside me, so Chase had her own seat.

Chase managed to pee through her diaper - right onto my leg - on the flight from Dalian to Korea. From there, I enjoyed a lovely 5-hour stay in Korea. We made lots of friends in the business lounge, but what she enjoyed most was the kids romper room. Those Koreans are brilliant, to actually create a space where children can get all their energy out between flights. Chase slept more on the next flight than she has since she was an infant (again, in her own seat).

I was paid a special visit from the lead flight attendant on the Korea - Vancouver flight, who made it clear he had intentionally kept the seat next to me vacant and if there was A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G I needed, to let him know. It was clear he wanted to make sure that Chase and I were happy bunnies. And the fact he talked to us in a whisper made it pretty clear he was hoping we would also talk in whispers.

So after a 10-hour flight, I rolled off the plane with a well-rested baby in my arms. I actually got more sleep on that flight than ever before.

The next flight was on one of those little planes. Chase on my lap. The woman I sat next to didn't respect the confines of her seat. At one point I had to rest my left arm and I ended up lowering it slightly, only to have my arm touch hers - and ugh - our arms stuck together for a moment, because we were both so hot (it was while we were on the tarmac, before they had turned the a/c on to full). Chase slept almost the entire flight.

And now we find ourselves battling some pretty stout jet lag.

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