Thursday, February 22, 2007

Swimming In February

After a lazy week at home (mostly spent inside because everything is closed due to Chinese New Year celebrations), we decided to check out the pool.

Admittedly, it has taken us far longer than originally expected to get our tails to the pool (even though it is less than a 5 min walk from our front door), as we had to (1) buy Chase a new bathing suit, (2) buy Hubs a new bathing suit, and of course (3) get motivated to get into the bathing suits - it is February, after all.

While Hubs swam laps, Chase and I checked out the warm water pools (the water is piped in from the hot springs near our complex) and a kiddy pool next to the big pool. The fun part about the kiddy pool is that it has buttons that one can push to make water cascade down and bubble up from various places. Plus it is deep enough for Chase to swim, but shallow enough so she can stand (with her head above the water). Good fun!

And, while I didn't get a chance to swim laps, I got my work out trying to wriggle out of a wet bathing suit while holding a squirmy, wet baby, with a huge, wet diaper; trying not to let her touch the floor. Finally, I threw down a towel and let her stand on it, while I quickly pulled dry clothes on. Now that's a workout.

Chase slept so well last night. It was great.

I see much more pool time in our future.

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Sarah said...

I took Beatrice swimming once a few weeks ago. She was fine for about 10 minutes and then let me know (in her subtle way) that she HATED it. The next 10 minutes of me trying to change, trying to get her changed, and not let anything touch the wet, yucky floor all while she screamed at the top of her lungs will be day. That and the fact that the teaching pool was too deep for me - I had to stand on tippy toes to keep my head above water!
But the sleeping babies are worth the effort, don't you think?