Friday, February 23, 2007

Making Friends

Hubs and I went for a walk today. On the way back, we passed a (white!) guy (who lives in our complex!). He was roughly our age - and was kicking a ball with his small child.

As usual, Hubs and I debated for a couple minutes as to whether or not to introduce ourselves (I believe there is a fine line between wanting to make new friends and looking like stalkers – or worse, appearing too "needy").

Well, we decided he was worth a small detour. After exchanging names, I asked, “so, does your daughter attend the Maple Leaf school (local private school for foreign kids –and strangely, no Chinese kids are allowed to attend) or a local kindergarten?” To which he coolly replied, “my son attends a local kindergarten.”

And that was that. No new friends for us today.

But seriously, his little boy looked like a little girl.

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