Saturday, January 13, 2007

Slowly, Slowly

This slow internet thing is driving me crazy. I suspect the only reason why I can access blogger today is because it is still quite early on Sunday morning.

So what to report? Well, I spent most of last week just getting life in order (although you'd never be able to tell by look of our apartment). I have lined up quite a few activities for Chase, including baby sign classes (in English and Chinese), baby music and a baby play group. In addition, I have found a Mandarin instructor to "teach" Chase mandarin 3x week using books, songs, etc.

We have also found a "helper" for me to help keep things clean around the house and go grocery shopping with me. Do I really need help grocery shopping? YES: the grocery carts here don't have the baby seat in them, so I have to hold Chase in one arm, while pushing a grocery cart that doesn't turn left or right. Meanwhile, I also have to fend off every other person who wants to see and touch Chase. And then to make matters more difficult, I can only buy what I can carry in one hand, because after check out I have to get it outside to a taxi. I really dislike grocery shopping here and poor Brian had to put up with a week of - well - the worst cooking ever.

As for other activities ... yesterday, we went "ice skating" with Brian's colleagues - or at least Brian thought it was going to be ice skating. When we arrived, after a drive 1 hour from Dalian, we realized it was not ice skating, it was skiing! There is a small run (a run so small it takes about 2 mins to get down), with man made snow, just one hour outside the city. The important thing is that they had rental equipment large enough for Brian.

I stayed in the "lodge" with Chase. I was lucky enough to find a place that was a little out of the way, but it was the same place where a conference was being held, so at break we were absolutely mobbed. "Can I hold your baby?" "Can I have my picture taken with your baby?" "She is so lovely." People just have to touch her. And of course, her waving, smiling and clapping doesn't exactly send them a "stay away from me" signal.

She is China's littlest celebrity - and she loves it.

This coming week, we have an appointment with another pediatrician (I'm just checking out the hospitals at this point). The VIP thing at the Children's Hospital will work, but I hear this other hospital is a bit newer (cleaner) - but ultimately, the real test will be how well the pediatrician speaks English.

Chase is up! Gotta run!

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