Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Chase's Busy Day

Today we woke up at 5 a.m. (still trying to get over jet lag). We watched the sun rise (if you look closely at the bottom right corner you will see a group of men who sing (well, okay, yell) while running.

Around 7:00 Chase fell asleep, but was back up in time to have a couple Cheerios with her Daddio before he went to work. A quick note about Trix cereal in China - it is packed into 5 separate sachets within the box. The manufacturers have also been kind enough to write "not fried" on the box of Trix, just in case there was any confusion.

Just after Daddio left for work, we jumped into a cab and headed to the Shangri-La hotel to meet a woman kind enough to answer "new city" questions I had (like where do they buy meat, produce, etc). She also invited us to sit in on a cooking class they offer to people who choose to live at the Shangri-La. She was also kind enough to arrange a call for me with the head chef, to discuss food/cooking questions in more detail. She is also working to find a retired kindergarden teacher to spend time with Chase during the week. This woman rocks my world.

From there, we headed to the Children's Hospital. I didn't take any pictures. The good news tho - they have a VIP membership, which basically enables you to get immediate treatment from a doctor who speaks English and makes house calls. (Rockin')

We then returned home and headed to the management office to discuss things like telephone bills, internet speed (it takes 5 mins to load a page), utilities, etc. All must be paid, like everything else, in cash.

Now Daddio is at home and I've gotta run!

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