Wednesday, October 04, 2006

On Being Tall

Being tall isn't easy.

In high school most boys are half your height and the tall ones are uber-awkward (aka "not cool"). You can't fit in most clothes (legs are too long). Your clothing size is twice the size the "popular girls" are wearing. You are always asked "can you get that for me?" by random people when you're shopping.

It isn't until you get older that you appreciate height. When those "popular girls" become, well, average.

You can walk into any room - and everyone knows you are there (both a blessing and a curse). It's a silent, but strong presence.

I have vowed to teach my daughter to love and cherish her height.

So - to my littlest darling: Be proud. Be strong and hold your head high. Wear heals. Stand straight; don't slouch (it's so unbecoming). Embrace your height. Understand you will be a threat to some women. And please don't ever worry - real men (forget those high school boys) will love you for it.

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