Saturday, April 05, 2014


Today Madoc lost her first tooth.  My absolutely gorgeous little girl is not so little anymore.  I love watching her grow and become more and more independent and opinionated.  She has so much to say.  Very strong opinions about everything under the sun.  Extremely dra-Madoc.

And the loss of this tooth has been the favourite topic of conversation for the past three months.  The last three days have been all about how wobbly it could possibly get before it fell out.  And then, who would collect it?  And how much is it worth in America?

Madoc's best little friend in Singapore was French.  Her big sister lost a tooth just before we left and was extremely excited for La Petite Souris to come ... in France they believe in a little mouse who comes to the child who has lost their tooth.  The mouse eats a small piece of cheese (how French) that the child has left along with the tooth, and then leaves the tooth and some money.

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