Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I decided to get some chicks for the girls.

The first day, the girls couldn't put them down.  They were obsessed.  Madoc read the chicks a bedtime story and awoke first thing the following morning to read to them again.  I (foolishly) told her that reading to them would help them grow, so she soon decided to stop reading to them because she wanted them to stay small and cute.

Chase had a hard time picking out the "right" chick.  There was a lot of discussion about which one was the best chick.  Hard to tell, when they are one week old - and there are about 75 all running around inside a tub together.

Now, about two weeks later, the chicks are not so interesting.  They are growing very quickly and I'm thanking my lucky stars we arranged the re-homing before we bought them.  They have taken over the den - so much so that Hubs doesn't want to watch TV anymore.  Not that we watched much at all, but now we watch none at all.  Good stuff.

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